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Waking Life

April 4th, 2010

Has anyone seen this? My grandson in New Zealand says it’s really thought-provoking and he loves it. Here is the trailer:

3 Responses to “Waking Life”

  1. I’ve seen the first half of this in a philosophy class and it was a really great movie. I really like the scene with the anarchists.

  2. WAKING LIFE is a fine film; not really funny but one you smile through continually; all those DEEP conversations whch made sense when you were in college and still do. Inspired by the director’s obvious love of Philip K. Dick, Linklater went on to a better, more tragic vision with Dick’s A SCANNER DARKLY (with Keanu Reaves & Robert Downey Jr.), another great film, but both are in this photo-animation process, rotoscope, which not always appeals to everyone…

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