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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu



6 Feb

In conversation with Dr Annebella Pollen for Art, Politics and Magic: The Kibbo Kift Kindred – a day-long symposium bringing together artists, academics, Kibbo Kift descendants and members of related groups. Through presentations and conversations, the event examines the contexts and legacies of the radical, utopian movement.
Exploring all aspects of the Kibbo Kift, from their politics and economics, to their craft and magic, the event also looks at the continued relevance of the group’s style, ethos and ambition.
Programmed to coincide with Intellectual Barbarians: The Kibbo Kift Kindred in the Archive Gallery, the symposium is led by Annebella Pollen, the exhibition’s co-curator and Principal Lecturer in the History of Art and Design for the Faculty of Arts at The University of Brighton.

15 Mar

Talk for Waterweek: Walking along the Ash and Wallers Haven and across to The Bull at Boreham St. (Return transport provided). For details click on the image or see

19 - 20 Mar

Talk for the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Fellowship of Isis at Huntington Castle, Clonegal, Ireland. Details.

22 - 23 Apr

Talk and workshop in Sintra, Portugal

7 - 8 May

Talk at the Animystics Conference, Dublin, Ireland. Details.

14 May

‘Druid Wisdom’ – a talk for the Fintry Trust at their retreat house in Surrey. Details.

17 May

From Stonehenge to the Catwalk – the Influence of Druidry in Art, Music and Fashion – a talk for the Slade School of Fine Art.

21 - 26 May

Retreat for OBOD members in Kilkenny, Ireland. With option to travel afterwards for a further three days to visit New Grange, Tara, and other sites. Retreat now full, but you can ask to go on a waiting list. Details.

29 May

‘The Waters of Inspiration – Poetry, Bardism, the old stories – How Druidry works to re-enchant our world and our lives’ A talk at the Open Studio of artist Courtney Davis by the Hill of Tara, Ireland. 7.30pm. Details.

4 - 5 Jun

Talk for the Order’s Summer Gathering at Glastonbury.

5 - 6 Jun

A workshop on how to give talks and workshops with Dr. Susan Jones. Glastonbury Sunday afternoon and all day Monday. For OBOD members. To book email

9 Jun

Contributing to the Mourning Conversations Festival, talking about funeral rites and belief. The Foundry Gallery, 32 North Street, Lewes BN7 2PH. 7.30pm. Details.

11 - 12 Jun

Talk at the Shamanic Lands Conference, London. Details.

18 Jun

‘The Birth of Modern Paganism – a Story about Witches, Druids, Nudism, the Opera, and Italy.’ A talk about two seminal figures in modern Paganism – Gerald Gardner and Ross Nichols. 2pm at Preston Manor, Brighton (where you can visit the exhibition on Witchcraft, Druidry and Paganism). More info.

1 Jul

‘Setting Sail for Avalon – Our Potential for Creativity, Curiosity, and Leadership’ – an evening talk in Graz, Austria. Details

2 - 3 Jul

Druid Magic & Healing: A two day workshop in Graz, Austria, to explore the way the old stories, and the sacred animals and plants used in Druidry, can help in our healing and spiritual development. We will work with the Druid Animal and Plant Oracles, and music and meditation, to deepen our experience of the gift of being alive in the world today. Along the way, participants will learn about the way Druids work with healing and the subtle powers of Nature to effect change and healing in their lives.
Druidry is a spiritual way and practice that speaks to three of our greatest yearnings: to be fully creative in our lives, to commune deeply with the world of Nature, and to gain access to a source of profound wisdom. Each of these yearnings comes from a different aspect of the Soul, and we can personify these as the Singer, the Shaman and the Sage. In Druidry, Bardic teachings help to nurture the singer, the artist or storyteller within us – the creative self; Ovate teachings help to foster the shaman, the lover of Nature, the healer within us; while the Druid teachings help to develop our inner wisdom – the sage who dwells within each of us. In this workshop we will explore the many ways in which Druidry can help develop these three aspects of ourselves, and I will be co-facilitating with Christian Brunner, author of Mountain Magic: Celtic Shamanism in the Austrian Alps. Details.

20 Jul

Following a screening of Sketch, Drugs & Rock and Roll at the Duke of Yorks Cinema, Brighton, I’ll be interviewing the subject of the film, the legendary Youth – record producer, artist, poet, and member of the punk band ‘Killing Joke’. Details.

30 Jul

‘Spirituality Beyond Religion’ a talk with Swami Dayatmananda at the Sanskriti Mahashibir, Hertfordshire County Showground, Herts. Details.

13 Aug

Talk for the Irish Celtic Spirituality Festival, Ireland. Details.

21 Aug

Talk for the One Tree Gathering, Beaumanor Hall, Leicester. Details from

3 Sep

Introducing the Mt Haemus Day Conference at the Sheepdrove Eco-Conference Centre, Berkshire. Details.

9 - 11 Sep

Celebrate! In Germany:  a three day immersion in the arts of celebrancy for OBOD members and friends who want to explore working with rites of passage – either in a professional role or simply for themselves and close friends and relatives. We will work with ways in which we can create and hold rites of naming, weddings, handfastings, and funerals. This time together is designed for both experienced celebrants and for those who are just beginning to consider celebrancy as an avenue of service. We’ll share our own stories and learn ways in which we can craft rites that respond to the needs of people who may be ‘spiritual’ but who hold no special religious affiliation, as well as for those who want a specifically Druid ritual. Focalized by Philip Carr-Gomm, River Jones and JJ Middleway. Primarily for German-speaking members, although the weekend will be in English. Location: Maria Laach, Eifel. Cost: 240 Euros.
For further information:  Anna Bluhm –  or  Conny Hilton-

6 - 9 Oct

Understanding the Male Psyche – an experiential workshop for men and women. Have you ever wondered why many men, even those who hold powerful positions, seem so inadequate or insensitive? In this workshop we will explore ways of understanding the male psyche through the lens of archetypal psychology. We hope this workshop will be helpful and illuminating whether you are a young man seeking to make the transition into adulthood, whether you are an older man still trying to ‘grow up’, or whether you are a woman trying to understand men! We will work with exercises that help us access the immature and mature aspects of the archetypes that exist within all of us, male or female, and we will use ritual, poetry, music, story and mask work to deepen our experience. In Germany, with William Ayot, Reinhard Winkler and Malou Eberspächer. – TO BE RESCHEDULED –

13 Oct

Druids and their Magic Wands – a talk for the Horniman Museum London for their ‘Magic Late’ night, which includes opera, film, dance, music, folk charm displays and more – an amazing night! 6.30-9.30pm. Details.

15 Oct

OT Bastoni PrincipeIt’s Always Such a Drama – How life is sometimes like an Opera – and how the Tarot can help us appreciate the show.
The launch of Linda Sutton’s Opera Tarot, with accompanying booklet by Philip Carr-Gomm, will take place – together with a workshop – at the UK Tarot Conference. No singing from the participants will be required, though we will hear snippets from opera, see images from the Opera Tarot, and engage in some exercises to bring out the diva in us. Details.

21 - 23 Oct

Talk for the GreenSpirit Gathering at Earthspirit, Compton Dundon, Somerset. Details.

30 - 2 Nov 2016

Guest teacher for the course ‘Becoming Indigenous – Finding Our Way Home’ at Schumacher College, Devon. Details.

13 Dec

Talk for the Tunbridge Wells Theosophical Society.