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Flowers of Hope and Healing

May 27th, 2014


I have posted here in the past about the ‘Living Machine’ – a system that uses wetland and water plants, bacteria and other organism in order to cleanse waste water and make it drinkable. On a related theme, I came across an article by Molly Cotter about plants being used to cleanse radioactive toxins form the ground near Fukushima, Japan. In the aftermath of the Nuclear disaster brought about by the Tsunami, millions of sunflowers have been planted to help soak up the toxins that have polluted the land.  The planting has been driven by Buddhist monks – Cotter writes,

Koyu Abe, chief monk at the Buddhist Joenji temple has been distributing sunflowers and their seeds to be planted all over Fukushima. The plants are known to soak up toxins from the soil, and patches of sunflowers are now growing between buildings, in backyards, alongside the nuclear plant, and anywhere else they will possibly fit. At least 8 million sunflowers and 200,000 other plants have been distributed by the Joenji Buddhist temple. “We plant sunflowers, field mustard, amaranthus and cockscomb, which are all believed to absorb radiation,” Abe says.


There is something moving about the thought of so many sunflowers – a plant that seems to glow with optimism and hope – growing amongst the devastation. Not only does it serve a practical purpose in helping to heal and cleanse the soil but it is in itself a message of hope that renewal is possible. To read the whole article click here