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Integrative Tarot Training with the DruidCraft Tarot

February 26th, 2014

SOITTLOGO copyThe DruidCraft Tarot was first published ten years ago, and now it is in various formats – a deck with the book, a deck with a smaller version of the book, and in apps for Apples and Androids. Over the years, we’ve developed a particular approach to using it, which we’ve called Integrative Tarot – combining insights from DruidCraft, Psychology and traditional Tarot lore. Over the last few years, we have started a small Peripatetic school and begun teaching the method in Britain, France,  Italy, Germany, and Barbados. Here’s The School of Integrative Tarot’s logo:

Stephanie and I have just finished giving two webinars using the Integrative approach. It was the first time we had used this technology and I was a little sceptical. Can it really be interactive? In reality, is it more clumsy than effective? Well I’m delighted to say it’s a GREAT medium! Why? Because you can present material on the screen, talk and be seen on the little video panel, and answer participants’ questions as each one types them in. This is perfect for teaching the Tarot because it is such a visual medium, and each participant gets a set of the slides by email afterwards as well as unlimited access to recordings of the webinar. This means weeks or months later they can refresh their memories and do some re-learning. You’ve missed the live event, but you can watch the recordings and receive the slides if you like – either via instant downloads or via DVD mailed to you.

Here’s what some participants said:

Fab class! I found it really insightful, and the techniques genuinely useful and very meaningful….Christine

I loved the webinar today and was able to work deeply and profoundly
with a recent situation…Maggie

What a wonderful session!  Thank you so much for arranging it.  I really hope there are
more opportunities like this in the pipeline!…Caitlin

Just listened to the presentation. It was awesome! Thanks for putting this together…Nancy

Have a look here for more details: globalspiritualstudies.com