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Black Elk

Russell Brand and Paganism

October 27th, 2013

TLKurKwAwwliWvk-556x313-croppedRussell Brand is a comedian with a conscience and spiritual awareness. Easy to dismiss if judged after a few minutes as vulgar or trivial, it is no surprise that the Dalai Lama chose Brand to introduce him on his last visit to Britain. Here he talks about his stint as editor of The New Statesman with Britain’s most famous political TV journalist, Jeremy Paxman, known for his confrontational no-nonsense interviews.

You can find his New Statesman editorial here. readers of this blog should like this excerpt: “The model of pre-Christian man has fulfilled its simian objectives. We have survived, we have created agriculture and cities. Now this version of man must be sacrificed that we can evolve beyond the reaches of the ape. These stories contain great clues to our survival when we release ourselves from literalism and superstition. What are ideologies other than a guide for life? Throughout paganism one finds stories that integrate our species with our environment to the benefit of both. The function and benefits of these belief matrixes have been lost, with good reason. They were socialist, egalitarian and integrated. If like the Celtic people we revered the rivers we would prioritise this sacred knowledge and curtail the attempts of any that sought to pollute the rivers. If like the Nordic people we believed the souls of our ancestors lived in the trees, this connection would make mass deforestation anathema. If like the native people of America we believed God was in the soil what would our intuitive response be to the implementation of fracking?” Russell Brand