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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

The Biggest Magical Operation Ever Carried out on Earth

September 30th, 2013
The dragon rises! Photo Carlton Campbell

The dragon rises! Photo Carlton Campbell

On Friday, Stephanie and I drove to Glastonbury to participate in the Warrior’s Call Pagan Anti-Fracking ritual that was scheduled for Saturday. I had been a little concerned because 1800 people had said they were coming and I was aware of the irony of having people using fossil fuels to get to Glastonbury to work a ritual designed to protect the Earth from pollution. However, sometimes it is necessary to make a strong statement, and perhaps to do powerful magic, and this Glastonbury initiative felt important. We combined it with a long overdue visit to OBOD’s Touchstone editor Penny Billington and its inimitable illustrator Arthur ZZ Birmingham/Billington.

How many of the 1800 people would actually turn up, especially when the forecast was for rain? Damh the Bard had spotted members in Australia clicking the ‘I’m coming!’ button on Facebook, so we knew some would be coming astrally, and in fact astral travel made up the bulk of participants. About 1500 flew on the wings of thought and intention, and only about 300 were there on the lower field of the Tor, just above Dion Fortune’s (now Geoffrey Ashe’s) house. But this was a good number – enough to give a real sense of solidarity and energy, without so many no-one would hear what was being said – which I had feared if 1800 had come. The police had been worried about numbers too, and had phoned us and appeared before the ritual began. But they were reassured and went away.

Stone carved with the Warrior's Call sigil for the ritual at Avebury. Photo: Trish Conniffe-lynch

Stone carved with the Warrior’s Call sigil for the ritual at Avebury. Photo: Trish Conniffe-lynch

The idea for the ritual arose spontaneously some months ago and there was no one person or organization responsible for it, but the ceremony was carried out mainly by OBOD members with years of ritual experience, mainly from OBOD camps. The day turned out to be dry and mild. As each direction was honoured, elemental dragons danced the circle to cheers. The purpose of the ritual was proclaimed: to magically cast a sphere or web of protection over the Earth to protect it from fracking. Ritualists taking on the roles of Gwynn ap Nudd and Brighid walked the circle and evoked that protection and blessed water from the White and Red springs of Avalon. We tuned into the many rituals and meditations that were occurring simultaneously all over the planet. A heart appeared in the sky above the ceremony. The magical sigil designed for this work lay on the ground in the centre of the circle. Badges with the sigil had already been given to all of us by the stewards who had carefully shepherded us to the site. Drumming, chanting, clapping began as we raised a cone of power to focus the energies and intention of the ritual, while four Druids held staves pointed upwards and together to focus it in the centre of the circle.

The work completed, the spirits of the directions were thanked, the circle uncast, and participants were invited, if they wished, to gather by Gwynn ap Nudd or Brighid to take a vow to protect the Earth from fracking both magically and practically. As the ceremony took place people had been tuning in in meditation above on the Tor, at Chalice Well – and in countries in every direction.

Just as the ritual of Gardner and his coven to repel Hitler’s invasion all those years ago has gone down in history (and was successful!) So I believe this ritual will not only go down in history but it will be successful too – whether because of the magic, or for more mundane reasons, or for a combination of both, who knows? But magic is said to work at a causal level to the physical…

The circle is blessed by fire. Photo: Carlton Campbell

The circle is blessed by fire. Photo: Carlton Campbell

I predict that we will start to see other initiatives to stop the lunacy of fracking occurring within the next six weeks or so. The basic fact that it is uneconomical and that financiers are only interested in it because high-end deals in the early stages can nett people millions (through trading licences and share dealing) will become more widely known and the ‘shale bubble’ will burst (the world’s biggest fracking company posted a $6 billion loss, the CEO got $112.5 million pay-off – usual story!)

The game is to move really fast, so that like musical chairs, you don’t fall on your ass with fracking fluid on your face when the music stops. If you’re lucky you’ll have made a lot of money, unlucky and you can limp home with still the possibility of a million or so in bonuses. Who will lose? Only the people who put the money up for the projects – the banks and the UK taxpayer because Cameron offered tax breaks. A number of banks have now stated they will never invest in fracking – taking the UN warning on its environmental dangers seriously – and the shareholders at those banks who have invested, such as HSBC, will soon start asking embarrassing questions, and the funding will dry up.

Cameron risks making a fool of himself – he’s done that already by announcing that communities who accept fracking will receive a million pounds, only to be corrected by his team who had to tell us that he meant £100,000 – enough for a new pedestrian crossing to help cope with the 24/7 lorries that would thunder through the community. He’s made a fool of himself too by telling us that fracking will bring down gas prices, only to be contradicted by his own energy minister Ed Davey, and the economist Lord Stern.

All politicians take such risks, but he’s gone a step further: he has risked the darkness that lies at the heart of the UK government being exposed: the network of ‘old chums’ who will make a killing before the bubble bursts. Don’t believe me? See here, and look at Lord Browne’s role in government and the fracking industry. It’s all wonderfully symbolic – the explosions underground and the forcing out of stuff from deep down will happen at the political level not at the geological level. The current government will frack itself and discover next year that people won’t vote for them in the 2015 General Election unless they clean up their act and stand up for our countryside rather than trying to despoil it.

Participants at the ritual in Bolton, Lancs. Photo: Sally Bowman

Participants at the ritual in Bolton, Lancs. Photo: Sally Bowman

Meanwhile the ‘Albion Will not be Fracked’ initiative had spread like wildfire – see a world map with locations here – particularly to those communities threatened by fracking in other countries, as reports emerge of risks to livestock, as well as water supplies and air quality. There are too many groups to list here, but to give you a sense of why last weekend saw the biggest magical operation ever carried out on Earth,  see this message from the House Of Danu (a fellowship of OBOD groups in California):

The House of Danu rises.  We have alerted all our groups and solitaries (that we know of), and there will be rituals spanning over a thousand miles on the West Coast of the US from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. (4:00am Pacific Time)  I have also alerted the Fire Tribes, practitioners of Santaria, Garnerians, Dianic Covens, Wicca, Chaos Knights, the Hermetic Orders,the Pagan Alliance, the Hellenic Orders, other Druid traditions, and received confirmation from Bloody Mary, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, that she is assembling the Southern conjurers to act.

Fracking poses great environmental threats in the US as well. From Vermont to Arizona, Wisconsin, and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, fracking has caused enormous damage to the ranches, farms, and small communities, resulting in poisoning of the air, and water: leading to unusually high rates of illness. Hundreds of law suits have been settled requiring a gag of silence on the victims: enabling the gas industry to perpetuate its course if disinformation that fracking is safe. When testing by the Environmental Protection Agency revealed the presence of toxic fracking chemicals in the drinking supply in New England towns, the director of the EPA was replaced, and the EPA then proclaimed that the water was safe to drink. This reveals that even the EPA has been corrupted by the corporate power to disseminate disinformation: undermining our ability to rule wisely. We are experiencing a slow coup in the United States where the powerful few have corrupted our government almost beyond repair.

And now, there are plans for fracking in the Los Angeles Basin over earthquake faults that have been building up pressure for over a century. It is predicted that loosening the fault with high pressure facking fluid deep underground could trigger an earthquake of 7.6 magnitude: far greater than the earthquake that destroyed San Francisco in 1906. The State legislative efforts to place a moratorium on fracking are presently blocked by the Republicans.

We were preparing a Wild Hunt to commence on the Twelfth Night, but moved up the date upon learning of this threat to Albion.


At the full moon in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California, on Saturday, September 21st, the Fire Tribes gathered at an off-the-grid Pagan retreat known as Earth Matters: Alchemists, Druids, Wicca, Dianic Witches, and Gardnerians: high priests all. Amid the towering redwoods in a clearing laid out as an Alchemical alter, the central fire rose. The sacred circle was cast. The Dragons were summoned in the ancient language of the Celts. All Gods and Goddesses of our people were summoned to be present.

The intention was set as our reply to the Lorica of St. Patrick:

We arise today.
Through a mighty strength.
The invocation of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.
Through the spiral of birth, life, death, and rebirth

We arise today.
In the thoughts of our beloved,
In the wisdom of oracles.
With the skill of making,
and the deeds of living.

We arise today.
Passing through dark surrender.
Her Earth to sustain us,
Fire to transform us,
Air to enlighten us,
Water to give us life.

We arise today.
Through the image of Light
Strength of Bear,
Perseverance of Crane.
Wisdom of Salmon
Sight of Eagle,
Balance of Hare,
Direction of Boar,
Treasure of Dragons.

We now summon these powers
to confront that which takes but not gives,
dies without rising,
trusts in greed, not nature.
places self before all else.
The abyss again
threatens our people.

Summon the Carnyxn
Rise the horns on high,
Bring forth the Dragons Breath

The Charm of making was uttered in our ancient tongue as we descended within to our temples of the 4 levels until we reach that place where the Earth takes our pain, takes our fear, takes our rage, and heals us with the power of its Light.

We ascended to our time and place and uttered the chant:

By the Warrior’s call
We arise today
It be our will to vanquish
The toxic demons all

Over and over we chanted as we danced around the fire. We chanted it in the round. We chanted it in harmony, we overlaid it with:

They think it, feel it, make the change (over and over)

When the intention was drenched in our passion, we released the Dragons to do our will in the four directions. With our ancient power words, released our powers like a lightning bolt. At that moment, the image of the Fire Dragon emerged from the fire.

Hurling toward Glastonbury Tor from the West is a great host of Gods, Goddesses, Orishas, and the Elemental powers, on the wings of the Dragons.

It shall be written that at Noon on September 28th at Glastonbury Tor, after over a thousand years, the people of Avalon arose from the mists to engage in a Wild Hunt that SHALL NOT CEASE until the Toxic Demons are vanquished.


This idea that the magic will not cease is echoed in the report of a ceremony conducted at the same time by Virgil, a magician of the Franz Bardon school: “Although I think the whole idea of a specific day where everyone gets together and works to stop fracking is great, I also think it’s important to remember that success of any great magnitude comes from persistence over a long period of time. I hope those who stepped in to help yesterday don’t just consider it a one time thing. Dripping water hollows rock. I will be repeating this frequently until the fracking problem really does cease.”

On the 28th September a magical working was begun – may its effects continue to protect the Earth, and…. ‘There will be no fracking in Albion’!