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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

Earth Protection Meditation/Ritual for 28 Sept Noon

September 22nd, 2013

At the heart of Druidry, and every religious, magical and spiritual understanding of the world, lies the belief that the realm of Soul, Mind and Imagination is causal to the physical world. Working at this subtle, ‘invisible’ level creates changes in the visible world.
If you hold to this view, and if you would like to protect the Earth from the invasive and toxic process of fracking, you might like to join in spirit with thousands of people around the world who will be holding rituals and meditations at 12 noon GMT on Saturday 28th September 2013. On the slopes of Glastonbury Tor at this time, at least a thousand people will gather to hold such a ritual. For info see https://www.facebook.com/events/623890957631366/
Participate in whatever way you wish. No one person or group has organized this initiative – it is an example of a spontaneous collective response to a threat to Mother Earth.


Perform whatever ritual or activity you know that helps you connect to the level of Soul/Mind, whether that is just lighting a candle or creating sacred space through casting a circle, honouring the directions, saying a prayer – whatever it is.

Sense the Earth beneath you and then gradually extend your awareness to include the area you want to focus on – that may be your county, the British Isles, another country, or the whole Earth.
Without straining, just sense this land stretching out around you, and then think or say:

May the Spirits of the land, of the four directions, protect the Earth, our home. May there be no fracking (wherever you wish to protect ie in Albion, in Colorado, on the Earth)!

Around the world people have gathered to feel the Earth beneath them, strong and firm. Sense the presence of all those rituals and meditations around the world that are being held at this time to protect Albion and protect the entire Earth. Sense this network of light around the earth growing in strength and radiating out like sun beams across the land, connecting all those who stand at this same time with this same intention. Think or say:

There will be no fracking in ……. !

Together we gather with our ancestors to ensure: there will be no fracking in….!

We gather with the stones of destiny, with the spirits of all who are true and free, to state in every direction: there will be no fracking in ….!

Having said these statements with the firm conviction that this will come true, move from being emissive and active in your mind to relaxing and just feeling the Earth beneath you, and know in your heart and mind, with absolute certainty: This land will not be desecrated. Send out the thought with quiet and firm conviction: This land will not be subject to violation. This land will not be fracked. It will not be attacked in this way. It will be defended. They will not come. They will not come.

If it feels right, say: I swear to serve, guard and protect the earth. By the God and Goddess, by the gods and all their powers, by the sun and moon, this land shall be held safe. These islands (or the area chosen) shall be protected.

Raise your hands outwards in protection, chant three ‘Awens’ or drum if wished.

Sense again the presence of all those rituals and meditations around the world that are being held at this time to protect Albion and protect the entire Earth.
Feel this network as a shield of energy over the Earth. If you wish to use a sigil as a symbol for this, someone has created one for this time:


Stay with this sense of a shield as long as feels right and then gently let go of all thoughts and vizualisations. Touch the earth with the palms of your hands, to send your love to the Earth and to ground yourself. Say ‘So may it be’ or ‘May only good prevail’ followed by ‘This meditation/ritual is finished in the apparent world, may its effect continue to protect the Earth for all time.”

NB If you are undertaking this for a part of the Earth where there has already been fracking, such as Pennsylvania or Colorado, you may want to imagine as you say each time ‘There will be no fracking’ the rigs being dismantled, the industry leaving.

Collapse of UK Fracking Industry Predicted

September 22nd, 2013

I know I have put up rather a lot of posts on the fracking threat in the UK recently, and I don’t want this subject to dominate the blog. I’m also aware of the many threats we are living through at the moment, including the awful events in Syria, and in the Arctic a few days ago, but I have focused on fracking for three reasons: (1) The more you look at the story the more you realize what an assault it represents on the Earth and on the landscape that we love. (2) Psychology and the weirdness of human behaviour interests me, and the more you look at the story of fracking, the more bizarre it becomes: it doesn’t make sense at any level from the environmental through to the economic: it is a story of corruption, misinformation and callous greed on a monumental scale.  (3) I know there have been decisions taken by the UK government where no amount of protest made an iota of difference – just think of the Iraq war protests – but there have been spectacular successes: think of the Poll Tax, GM control, the attempt to sell off the public woodlands; and I believe that common sense really can prevail on this one. If I was a betting man I would put money on the collapse of the fracking project in the UK during the next two years. It may not die immediately – it may be a protracted death, but I predict its collapse during 2014/5.

Naively optimistic? Take a look at this 4 min film of what has just happened in Colorado. Do you really think we will accept this in Britain?  Take 4 mins to watch this. But of course we don’t have to worry do we, because we never have flooding here!

If you are not concerned after watching this you must be mad! Oh, but wait a minute – many politicians in the UK are not concerned – apparently. But remember ‘No snowflake ever thinks it started the avalanche’ – you may think your voice or actions won’t count, but collectively they do. Next year is the run-up to the next UK General Election. If we all tell our MPs next year that we won’t vote for them if they don’t stand up against fracking that should make a difference. I have inside information on how MPs work – they look at their in-trays. The stacks of letters/emails/surgery appointments that are the highest get the most attention. I’m going to see my MP and I’ll just say ‘Have you got four minutes?’ And then play him this movie on my iphone and say ‘You want this?’

Here in Lewes a group of concerned citizens have organised a public debate on the topic on 6th October, a screening of Gasland II with a discussion with the director afterwards on 22 October, and a group of us have produced a quick-to-read fact sheet that addresses the Myths that people believe about fracking – just two lines per myth to bust them. We’ve also produced a page of supportive explanation for those who want to know more, or who don’t believe what we’ve said and want to check sources. SEE IT HERE. Please feel free to distribute this, make leaflets out of it, whatever you like.

On 28 September there will be a worldwide ritual to protect Albion, and Mother Earth, from fracking. If you’re a materialist you might say ‘Flakey hippies thinking that meditation and magic can make a difference!’ If you’re an idealist (see yesterday’s post on The Sacred History) you’ll say: ‘Aha! They are working on a level that is causal to the physical – how sensible!’

By the way, neither I nor OBOD is organising this worldwide ritual. We have had phone calls and an email from the police asking us if we are.

I’ve started a blog to encourage the collapse of the UK fracking industry – and to give space for me to rant without worrying about whether I’m boring you with too much on this subject! Happy Equinox!