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August 7th, 2013
Ardingly Reservoir, near Balcombe, Sussex

Ardingly Reservoir, near Balcombe, Sussex

Just planning to visit the Balcombe fracking protest site. Had a look on the map to see where it is. Saw to my amazement that it’s near Ardingly Reservoir that supplies thousands of homes with drinking water.
Cuadrilla has put in a planning application for permission to remove radioactive waste water from the site. When they pump water down into the rocks it can loosen naturally occurring radioactive matter and when the water is pumped out hey presto it is low- level radioactive waste, and they need permission to dispose of it safely.
We have until 13 August to object to this application. You can do this online at   (Details here:
But why object? I’m sure they’ve thought of the possibility they could contaminate the reservoir. I’m sure their experts know what they’re doing. But then I’m sure the people who built Fukoshima thought they knew what they were doing.

1094474_10151582610341365_1324370384_oThis film demonstrates powerfully and with expert testimony the risks in both the US and the UK: