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Drones – ‘Playstation’ Killing

June 6th, 2013
A Predator Drone

A Predator Drone

A friend Paul Davies wrote today: ‘Yesterday six peace activists (including two priests) entered RAF Waddington by cutting a gateway in the perimeter fence and planting a peace garden inside. The day was chosen for being the fifth anniversary of the first British drone strike in Afghanistan. The six have been arrested and we wait for further news of them.
 Waddington is the air base near Lincoln where the British government now operates unmanned Reaper drones, which fire missiles killing Afghans thousands of miles away. Up until April this year the UK military carried out this murderous activity from Las Vegas in the US. Since April British military satellite capability makes this possible from near Lincoln, England and air strikes already have been operated from British soil.
 This technology is “playstation” killing – firing Hellfire missiles at blips on a screen who are actually people living in Afghanistan. And all this killing from the comfort and safety of the Lincolnshire countryside, as we all enjoy the summer sunshine.
 Think on this Friends, and hold the Waddington Six in the Light for their witness for peace and for the lives of the Afghan people.’

Have a look at this graphic demonstration of the problem produced for the Guardian: http://drones.pitchinteractive.com/