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Black Elk

Robin Hood Tax is Coming – Common Sense at Last!

January 24th, 2013

Some really good news and some bad news that is shameful for the British government:

The good news: Robin Hood Tax is being implemented!

This week, the European Union agreed that 11 European countries – including the biggest economies Germany and France – can set up a financial transaction tax to make the banks pay for the financial crisis they created. 23 of the 27 EU states voted for this tax – a huge 87% majority.

The bad news: The UK was the only big economy to abstain – leaving Prime Minister David Cameron more isolated than ever.
To remind you of what this is all about have a look at Bill Nighy explaining it in this memorable clip. Can someone keep playing it to Mr Cameron and his mates please?

The Camelot Oracle

January 24th, 2013

51CxeVyRJML._SL500_AA300_Will Worthington, well-known to many readers as the artist who has illustrated the Druid Animal Oracle, Druid Plant Oracle and DruidCraft Tarot, has produced another magnificent set of illustrations for The Camelot Oracle

This video gives you a great preview of  the cards:

The oracle, developed and written by John Matthews, includes a ‘Map of The Lands Adventurous’. John writes: ‘The universal appeal of the Arthurian tales lies in their primal quality: they deal with every aspect of human life, from the eternal struggle to overcome obstacles to the continuing search for fulfillment. Working with the oracle cards and the Map of The Lands Adventurous you will travel from Camelot with your champion on your quest. Your chosen path leads to a place of significance where your challenger waits to hear your questions. Consulting the guidebook will reveal the answers and the guidance you require.’ Great stuff!