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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

Mt Haemus 2012

September 30th, 2012

Just back from the Mount Haemus Day in Salisbury: a fantastic combination of speakers, musicians, poets and artists who joined forces to provide us with a day of intellectual and artistic stimulation. More information and photos will be in the Mount Haemus section of druidry.org soon (here) but in the meanwhile a few photos from yesterday’s event:

The four Mt.Haemus scholars for the 2012 Gathering. L to R: Thomas Daffern, James Maertens, Andy Letcher, Julian Barker

Four of the bards who entertained us. L to R: Liz Cruse, Claire Hamilton, Arthur Billington, Louise McCabe

The Medieval Hall in Salisbury with Liz Cruse reciting an invocation to the Goddess and to the healing power of herbs, developed from a 12th century Belgian text, to introduce Julian Barker’s talk on herbal healing