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" Seek the truth and run from

those who claim to have found it "

after André Gide

Facing Death with a Full Heart and Open Mind

August 7th, 2012

I’d like to share with you a very special interview with a friend, Adrienne, who is dying – here in Lewes, just a short walk away. Readers of this blog might remember Adrienne’s beautiful blog post that she wrote while having mistletoe injections a few years ago: ‘God is in the Detail’.
That post rings true to me now more than ever, and is well worth reading and re-reading. Here’s a sample:

“If it is possible to be frog-marched down the road to enlightenment, I suspect it might go something like this. Gratitude: As I wrote last week, whatever time remains appears more intense. Little details seem like tailor-made miracles. Judgement and reactions: So what? Life really might be too short. Even those nasty people who are trashing my planet are, to me now, simply ignorant; let it all go. Bad habits: Stuff that; I want to live my remaining days to the full, not lost in a cloud. Forgiveness: It’s physically much easier to say sorry than to bear a grudge. Living in the moment: More than ever, so much of the busy-ness we call life and where we put our energies seems rather a waste of time. I can’t even work myself up into a lather about the credit crunch; faced with possible death, both the voice of the news and even the voices in my head seem tedious. What remains are the core values that we all live with; love, truth, hope, happiness, which, like the vegan-esque diet I’ve been on, contributes to a rather curious lightness of being.” Adrienne Campbell  Read the full post

Adrienne is now taking her journey with an incredible openness of heart and mind which is deeply moving. Here in Lewes there is a fantastic community of people on the path of opening to self-awareness and planetary awareness, and the other day we all joined in a meditation and ceremony for Adrienne in a beautiful garden she helped to create out of wasteland by the river. The sun shone, we wrote messages for our friend on strips of ribbon and hung them on a wicker gateway, then sat in a circle and sent her our love. Later someone played the violin and there were cakes and drink for those who wanted to stay awhile.

A few days ago another friend filmed an interview with Adrienne in which she talks about what it is like for her to be setting out on this journey. She speaks with such naturalness and awareness that it feels an enormous privilege to watch this interview. It helped to dissolve for me much of the fear I was still carrying. I hope you will also find it helpful and inspiring. Bless you Adrienne for this gift!

A detail: When Adrienne speaks about ‘Transition’ she is referring to the ‘Transition Towns’ movement. She has been a prime mover in the Transition movement here in Lewes.

The Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir

August 7th, 2012

Blog readers might remember the beautiful music of Themon the Bard’s ‘Missa Druidica’ which was performed this year by the Orpheus Choir. If not, you can learn more on the video link at the bottom of this page, and you can hear samples on the audio files further down that page.

I’ve just received a message from the Oropheus Choir, which I’m sharing here:

A Pagan Choir?

Our name comes from the Orpheus of ancient Greece: legendary muscian, poet, and prophet. He was known for such feats as being able to charm all things, even the very stones beneath his feet, with his music. As Shakespeare put it in one of our songs, Orpheus with his Lute,  Orpheus made “trees and the mountain tops that freeze, bow themselves when he did sing.”

  We are filling a very particular niche with beautiful, enchanting, and inspired music. Our communities around the world are demanding more access to art that honors ancient traditions. We are responding to that call. 

 “Do you have a CD?”

   Ever since Orpheus was founded, people have been asking, “Do you have a CD?” With your help, we’ll be able to say, “Yes, and here it is!”

   We’ve become known for our unique events: our Twelfth Night Yule Concert & Viking Feast, our programs that fuse ancient with future. Why should our CD be different? We want to make the world premiere recording of the powerful Missa Druidica, our unique covers of Mummers’ Dance, Ancient Mother, We Won’t Wait, and other favorite Orpheus tunes.

 Why We Need Your Help

   We want to record just the way you love us: live musicians doing something that seems to touch people’s souls.

   We’re over 30 voices and instrumentalists. We can’t just hole up in someone’s garage and turn on a switch. If we were in Hollywood or New York, we could find a studio large enough to hold all of us, but here in Denver we need to rent space and a satellite recording truck! And we’re not using digital instrumental sounds either. It will be all live, all real, all Orpheus. 

   There’s magic to the mix of a professional CD. We need a wizard at the console, the sound engineer who creates ambience, atmosphere, and depth. Good ones don’t come cheap! Add to that the mastering of the CD, and we have quite the endeavor!

How You Can Inspire and Contribute


Orpheus has grown so fast that it’s hard to keep up with everything we’re being asked to do. We believe now’s the time for the CD people have been asking for. We humbly ask for your help to underwrite its costs.

 Please make a donation to our Indiegogo campaign! As a charitable organization, your gift to Orpheus is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. That means you subtract the value of whatever perks you receive (like tickets, our CD, or Orpheus Tote Bag) from your gift and you can deduct the rest from your taxes. Indiegogo makes it really simple: just click and go!

  Give us the chance to satisfy our Muse and you’ll become part of a cultural movement for tolerance, acceptance, and exquisite musical beauty.