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W.B.Yeats, Lady Gaga and the Death of Sex

November 9th, 2010
Lady Gaga performing on the Fame Ball tour in ...

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Time for a look into High Culture and Low Culture! First have a look at one of the most sophisticated website presentations of an exhibition ever: The Irish National Library online exhibition on William Butler Yeats

In particular have a look a the Celtic Mysticism and Golden Dawn material – clicks enlarge things faster than Viagra ever could here!

After such a heady experience you may need to come back to earth by experiencing some icon-smashing. I used to like Lady Gaga until her obsession with violence and death started to bore me. The meat dress was the final straw. Here in this Sunday Times article ‘Lady Gaga and the death of sex’ Camille Paglia delivers the final blow to any traces of fascination you might have for her. Here’s an excerpt:

Despite showing acres of pallid flesh in the fetish-bondage garb of urban prostitution, Gaga isn’t sexy at all – she’s like a gangly marionette or plasticised android. How could a figure so calculated and artificial, so clinical and strangely antiseptic, so stripped of genuine eroticism have become the icon of her generation? Can it be that Gaga represents the exhausted end of the sexual revolution? In Gaga’s manic miming of persona after persona, over-conceptualised and claustrophobic, we may have reached the limit of an era…
Gaga has borrowed so heavily from Madonna (as in her latest video-Alejandro) that it must be asked, at what point does homage become theft? However, the main point is that the young Madonna was on fire. She was indeed the imperious Marlene Dietrich’s true heir. For Gaga, sex is mainly decor and surface; she’s like a laminated piece of ersatz rococo furniture. Alarmingly, Generation Gaga can’t tell the difference. Is it the death of sex? Perhaps the symbolic status that sex had for a century has gone kaput; that blazing trajectory is over…