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" A good traveller has no fixed plans,

and is not intent on arriving "

Lao Tzu

Spencer Tunick as God Above

September 14th, 2010

Continuing the ‘God theme’ from yesterday: tomorrow Stephanie and I are off to the Lowry Gallery in Salford Quays for ‘The Naked Debate’ at 7pm. Here’s the gist of how I plan to open the discussion:

I have heard from participants in Spencer Tunick’s installations that their first experience of a shoot is one that provides them with a tremendous high – an exhilarating sense that they have broken free of taboos, inhibitions and constraints. Just like candidates for initiation in a Mystery School – whether of ancient Greece or within a modern day witches’ coven – they have to suffer hours, perhaps days or weeks, of nervous anticipation: questioning their motives and worrying about what might happen, until they have to go through the ordeal of the early morning start, the cold, the waiting around, until finally the command comes through the megaphone to get undressed. Apparently a wave of adrenalin – a primal fear of exposure mixed with an equally primal longing for freedom – flows through the group, followed by a flurry of activity as clothes are shed. And then – as the often thousands of bodies stand naked together for the first time – a roar rolls through the crowd, and a great cheer ascends to God – in this case Tunick himself, perched upon a ladder or crane…

After the debate we’ll be seeing a performance of the Druid Theatre Company: ‘The Silver Tassie’.

If you feel like some discussion on nudity, some art and theatre come and join us in sunny Manchester!