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" One touch of nature

makes all the world kin "

William Shakespeare

Fierce Light – When Activist meets Mystic in the Same Soul

March 4th, 2010

Just back from an evening with the Heart & Soul group of our local Transition Town network. We watched ‘Fierce Light’ – a moving documentary on the way in which more and more people are combining the spiritual quest with active attempts to initiate change in the world. Have a look at the website – there are a lot of interesting videos up. A chap called Van Jones (now part of Obama’s team) is very inspiring. Here’s the film’s trailer:

The Worst Case Scenario for Humanity

March 4th, 2010

If someone suggested that humanity needs natural disasters to ‘set us back decades’ you would think they were cruel and probably crazy or – at the very least – insensitive in the wake of the recent earthquake disasters. And yet the argument set forth below by author Bill Mistele offers an unexpected justification for this idea. Bill suggests here that the worst case scenario for humanity is that our march towards progress goes unchecked. And since we will never check ourselves, because of the imbalance he describes, Nature will have to do it for us. An objection to this argument could be that, in recent history, natural disasters have affected the most deprived populations, leaving the bastions of technological advance untouched. But that could change, and if Bill is right, there seems to be only one way to avoid this: change humanity before we are changed more forcefully. Lennon (and every mystic) was right: ‘Love is the answer – you know that for sure.’

Members of OBOD will know of Bill’s writing from the inspiring  quotations we have used in the OBOD course. Finally his work is being published. His Undines – Lessons from the Realm of Water Spirits will be out in July, published by North Atlantic Books. Here is an excerpt:

Let us do an astral equilibrium study of the human race as a whole in terms of the four elements.  Our current situation is rather terrible.

Think of an individual with great will power (fire), ever expanding knowledge (air), and tremendous capacity for hard work (earth).  But there is almost no capacity for feeling (water).  That is the human race from the point of view of the elemental realms as I understand them.

We have a race that has just created antimatter in its laboratories. Antimatter only exists in the explosions of supernovae and at the beginning of the universe. This is a cosmic level of creation in the external world.  It is a big change. Two hundred years ago we were riding horses and using them to plow our fields.

Yet there has been no increase in our wisdom or religious understanding in the last two hundred years that equals our advances in the element of fire and the application of electronics, or in our other masteries over nature.

The balance required is in the area of water, not as an external power, but as a soul capacity to feel what others’ feel anywhere on earth.  Water as the undines know it offers an inner sense of shared life, not just the twitter and blog sense of knowing intellectually what is going on with others which is not water but the air element.

So, if we had this water element weakness in an individual, with the other three elements very strong, we could foresee certain problems occurring.  This individual (and so humanity as a whole) would end up causing great harm to others.  He would do this simply because he does not understand when his rapid advances in knowledge and experimentation harms others or himself for that matter.

He would ignore all sorts of warnings about bad things coming his way: he would take excessive risks that threaten his well being and safety because the quest, pursuit, and exercise of his will are far more important to him than the mere feeling that it is important to live in peace and harmony.

And he would not be able to do what people with strong water can do—they can feel if something is right or not without having to think or analyze.  The undines, by contrast, have an inner stillness that can sense or see the future.

Our water deficient individual would not have the ability to dare, not in the sense of taking risks which he is very good at, but in the sense of daring to change his own nature–to dream and imagine how to be complete and whole in himself.

For conscience to operate effectively it needs all four elements equally strong and positive.  Water offers a sense of the rhythms of life.  It tells you when to step back from your many activities in order to renew yourself.  It tells you when to let go and flow because it senses within your own soul the natural, non-artificial way in which your dreams will be fulfilled.

Water offers a sense of connection to others.  You can feel what they feel and with ease unite with them from within.  Water annihilates loneliness and isolation and it dissolves anxiety and insecurity.  It destroys sadness and sorrow.

Those with strong water can hear what others say, both in the words and in the heart.  If you know someone with very strong water, you probably have a friend who at a glance can see if the deepest dreams in your heart are unfolding with harmony and beauty.  A close friend or lover or caregiver with strong water unites with you from within and so for your entire life offers you an inner sense of renewal and completion.  Their very presence in your life offers inspiration.

Take away the water required for balance and you get our world in which the human race can easily end up pursuing different goals that are mutually contradictory and at war with each other.

The worst case scenario for humanity is that we have no disasters in nature that set us back decades.  The result is that we so change our own DNA and connection to electronics and nanotechnology that we cease to be the same species. We become multiple new species that cease to be human beings.  We become technological marvels in which the soul or heart is vastly diminished.

I have seen at close hand how twisted good intentioned, well-meaning, and highly ethical people can become just by immersing themselves in the industrial revolution, the work ethic, and the scientific desire to know and apply new knowledge.  People do things without any conscience coming into play in regard to the consequences of their actions.  So I can easily imagine how inhuman we will become if we start further changing ourselves with technology.

I lived in Detroit. Detroit had a more effective system of apartheid than South Africa.  But it worked for many decades. Everyone was advancing in opportunity or so it seemed until they had to call in the National Guard to stop the rioting.  I was on the last airplane to land in Detroit before they closed the airport because of the riots. The city was on fire.

None of the CEO’s of the big three automakers, for example, saw the increasing disaster that was occurring in health, education, and job opportunities for the inner city workers.  And of course the unions had no insight to offer in regard to the future.  Placing themselves at odds with the corporations, they were consumed by their own cause and so did not look around to notice the disaster coming their way.  They could not feel that things were not right.

For me, growing up in Detroit was a taste of hell.  It never felt right.

From the point of view of this one realm of undines as compared to the sylphs, gnomes, and salamanders, the human race is really out of contact with the spiritual purposes of this planet.  We are so out of touch with the purposes for which this planet was created that it is very easy to see that another race will appear after our time here is over.  This would be a race more aligned with the astral, mental, and akashic resources and purposes that exist on earth.

I jokingly tell people, the 350 earthzone spirits who are guardians of the evolution of earth are bored out of their minds because human beings almost never consult with them.  And the undines view humanity as a race that has no feeling for water.

Sure, we have submarines, surfers, scuba divers, sailors, and swimmers.  Google charts the bottom of the ocean.

But I ask you seriously, in whose eyes have you ever seen the dreams of the blue green sea or in whose voice have you ever heard even a hint of the songs the sea dreams at night?

Bill Mistele, Undines – Lessons from the Realm of Water Spirits, North Atlantic Books July 2010

Does this make sense to you? Is it just wrong to even voice such ideas given the awful sadness and suffering we’ve seen recently in Haiti and Chile? I’d be interested to know what you think!