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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

Awen 9

November 30th, 2009

Imagine you can hear a little voice that’s coming from under a rock, somewhere far down in your interior landscape. Move the rock carefully, and let the voice out. Who does it belong to? Some part of your soul that has been crushed for ages by the weight of your worries? A part of you that has grown to like the darkness and the pressure, and now feels as vulnerable as a new-born baby? Let it speak. Let it sing or cry, moan or yell. Then, if it feels OK for you, identify fully with this part of yourself, and feel how it feels. Then walk away from the stone, down to a small pool that is bathed in sunlight. And bathe yourself there in the water. Afterwards, lie on the earth in the sun, close your eyes, and feel the warmth and light of the sun on your body. As you do this, become aware of the heart-area in your physical body and allow this newly discovered part of you to be nourished by it. Then allow your awareness to shift to being fully conscious in your everyday self – here and now.

Sky over Pukerua Bay, New Zealand