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" If the world is a tree,

we are the blossoms "


Saint Nectan’s Glen

November 12th, 2009

You might be interested in this project: from The Friends of St.Nectan’s glen site: Saint Nectan’s Glen is an area of woodland in Trethevy near Tintagel, north Cornwall stretching for around one mile along both banks of the Trevillet River. The Glen’s most prominent feature is Saint Nectan’s Kieve, a spectacular sixty foot waterfall. It is spectacular and we believe it should be preserved for future generations in it’s pristine state and as it is for sale, we’re concerned about the future of this sacred site, so we have set out to buy to keep it as a sacred place of pilgrimage for all to enjoy.

This is a special interest group set up for the establishment of a group of trustees, friends and benefactors to collectively buy the sacred site near Tintagel, Cornwell, which was the place where King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table went to be anointed by the monks there before setting out on their Grail journey.

These days it’s still a site for modern pilgrims and spiritual seekers alike who are drawn to the Arthurian sacred sites and to the magnificence of Cornish coast and temperate rainforest. St Nectan’s Glen has been for sale for about three years. Here’s an advertisement for the property:


We are in the process of setting up a collective of investors who will buy into St Nectan’s Glen as trustees and we are also be registering it as a non-profit charity organization so that it will be a place of spiritual pilgrimage rather than a profit-making commercial operation, to preserve it’s spiritual value and not to taint it with too much commercialism.

Maoris made ‘Honorary Celts’

November 12th, 2009
From The Daily Post in Wales:

The New Zealand Maoris are to be recognised as “honorary Celts” in the run-up to the big Wales v All Blacks rugby international next month. Gorsedd of Bards officials will make a presentation to a representative of the Maori nation at the Senedd in Cardiff tomorrow. (The Senedd is the Welsh Assembly, G.) Welsh sculptor David Petersen has created (a) stainless steel Horn of Plenty to mark the occasion. It will be presented to a member of the Ngati Ranana London Maori Club. Wales take on the All Blacks on November 7.

I like worms: They don’t sting and they don’t have germs

November 12th, 2009

We need new nursery rhymes and songs that reflect the very different world we live in now…  OBOD member Claire Gilbert has created some fabulous new songs with great lyrics like: ‘I like worms: They don’t sting and they don’t have germs’. From her websection on ReverbNation:

Claire is a nursery nurse and has worked with young children in many different settings since 1991. Throughout that time she has enjoyed most of all encouraging and developing the children’s interest in music and in the natural environment, both of which she is passionate about. Although she fully appreciates the rich heritage and musical importance of nursery rhymes, she thought it was about time someone came up with some new material for children to enjoy that reflects the wide range of cultures and influences within the modern UK population. So with a sprinkling of inspiration she started to write some herself.

Paul is an accomplished musician experienced in composing, performing, recording and producing many different genres of music. He has been the front man of the UK’s premiere Jethro Tull tribute band The Dayglo Pirates for 11 years and is one half of the rock duo Sossity, writing and performing new and exciting material with his wife Marcie, an accomplished singer and flautist. He also composes and records ambient music as a solo artist.

We have been developing this music together, writing parts to be played on real instruments to create a full and unique sound, in contrast to the cheaply made synthesised music that is more often available for young children these days. We believe that they deserve better efforts… Hear the music now!