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" Live out of your imagination

not your history "

Stephen R. Covey

PVF, The Future of the Planet and The Prince of Wales Digging Deep

July 14th, 2009

One of the peculiar features of a good holiday is that it relaxes you so much, you feel exhausted within a day or so of returning, and can easily fall prey to that dreaded syndrome PVF – post-vacational fatigue. The body having slipped into a deliciously slow pace when on holiday finds itself stunned by the hectic pace it is expected to resume the moment you return!

Despite the PVF I’m having at the moment I managed to watch the Prince of Wales Dimbleby lecture on the Future of the World last night. It really is a tour de force, and if you’re in the UK you can watch it here:


You can also find the full text of his speech here. Here’s a sample:

I have come to the inescapable conclusion that the legacy of Modernism in our so-called post-Modern age has brought us to a crucial moment in history; prompting a lot of uncomfortable questions. And I just want to ask quite a few of them tonight. What I hope to do is give you some idea why these questions are so urgent, starting with what might appear to be the more philosophical aspects, and then to describe what, in practical terms, a particular change in our thinking might lead to.

The first question I want to ask is how we have landed ourselves and the rest of the world in the mess that it now struggles to overcome? Because it does struggle. We have more than enough scientific evidence that proves this to be so. But more than this, what is it that drives us on to exacerbate the problems? Why do we tip the balance of the Earth’s delicate systems with yet more destruction, even though we know in our heart of hearts that in doing so we will most likely risk bringing everything down around us?

In the thirty years or so that I have been attempting to understand and address the many related problems, I have tried to dig deep and ask myself what it is in our general attitude to the world that is ultimately at fault?

HRH Prince of Wales

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