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" Friendship is a sheltering tree "


The Sussex House Party

April 9th, 2009

I’ve just been invited to participate in a new idea: creative house parties for writers. I think I have to talk while everyone’s munching – the idea is the guests are then inspired to write creatively. Having washed down a three course meal with a few glasses of wine I know I’d prefer to snooze but it still sounds a wonderful idea! Here’s how Gilly Smith, who organises these events, explains it:

A Bloomsbury Set for the noughties, The Sussex House Party is a rural idyll just outside Lewes where writers and would-be-writers meet and retreat over a feast of words and local produce. Philip Carr-Gomm joins us for the first in our season of literary dinners on Friday May 8th, with an evening of magic and spirituality inspiring our thoughts and writings.

See for a diary of themed creative dinner parties and full blown weekend house parties.

The World Beach Project

April 9th, 2009

From the V&A website:

The World Beach Project is a global art project open to anybody, anywhere, of any age. Building on the experience many of us have of making patterns on beaches and shorelines, this project combines the simplicity of making patterns with stones with the complexities of shape, size, colour, tone, composition, similarity and difference. It is really easy to join in – see the instructions below, or go straight to the map and see what others have been been doing. Why is it all about stones? Sue’s idea for this project has always been based around patterns made with stones. That means no seashells, seaweed, driftwood or other flotsam and jetsam commonly found on beaches. How it works: The project happens in two stages, in two locations: first, at a beach where you choose the stones and make your pattern, recording the work-in-progress with some photographs along the way. Then later, at a computer, you can upload the photographs to the V&A website to complete the project.