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" If the world is a tree,

we are the blossoms "


Thank you for having me

March 19th, 2009

I have just heard a touching story about a friend who recently died that I thought I’d share with you. After two days in the hospice having lain there completely silent, when the nurse came to check on him he just opened his eyes and said “Thank you for having me. I think I’ll be going now.” He then closed his eyes and off he went…

The Age of Stupid

March 19th, 2009

Stephanie and I and Jim, our friend who lives in the garden here, and is the author of Nine Miles – a powerful book about the Road Protest movement, went to a ‘multiple green Premiere’ of a film called The Age of Stupid the other day. It was launched simultaneously in Leicester Square in a solar-powered tent, and in cinemas around the country. There were live links between the venues and the hub in Leicester square and it was a wonderful example of the way a low budget film, made by the director of McLibel, can lift off due to the power of community.

It was a gripping film, but it was tough to watch. Last year we watched What a Way to Go – another low budget film, made in the US, and conveying the same message, that Jared Diamond put in a nutshell in ‘Collapse’, who starts his book with a question he asked himself: “What were they thinking when they cut the last tree down on Easter Island?”

How do we counteract the despair these films generate – the sense that we are all just too stupid to save ourselves from environmental catastrophe? What a Way to Go was helpful, since it took me to a metaphysical point of contemplation about the situation (I say me because I’m not sure it had that effect on everyone). Age of Stupid offers something more concrete – 9 months leading up to the Copenhagen conference on the environment. There is a plan that can help to ensure humanity’s survival, but it all depends on everyone agreeing to it. The film is urging us to do all we can to make sure the politicians agree to it. Or are we living in the Age of Stupid?

Fellow druid and author John Michael Greer devotes his blog (and several books) to this theme and his insights and range of knowledge is impressive. His blog is here.

Here is a clip from the film: