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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

Crying for Change

November 4th, 2008

Here is an open email I received from a friend, Reavis Moore, a moving force in Earthdance, in New York today. It says it all really – about the significance of today’s election and about the hopes that hang upon it – and an excellent comment that’s come in right away that offers another perspective.

My friends, As many of you know, I’ve been torn about this election. Is this a chance for real change or politics and politicians as usual? Is he sincere? Is he ready? Is he honest? Is he naive about the many
people around the world who hate us and would be happy to kill our children? Will his election make my family in Israel safer or more at risk? But all that melted away at 6am this morning walking to my polling place in NY (symbolically, just a block from the housing projects in the Lower East Side). As I walked I thought about my family who fought for our freedom in the revolution, in the civil war, in World War II, and my older brother whose life was ruined after fighting in Viet Nam and who died a broken man. And I thought about my 40 years of deep sadness and anger with our leaders and our policies, from Nixon to Bush. And I thought about my fallen heroes, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy, and the death of
innocence and hope that accompanied their murders. And I thought about my small children, Olam and Muka, and the hope they haven’t lost yet.

And I cried, for them, for myself, for everyone who has suffered under tyranny, and for all of us who have dreamed of and worked for a better world. And I found beneath those tears a small burning ember of a long
lost flame of faith in America. And I voted, for hope, for peace, for change, for the world, and for a more loving and peaceful future. I voted for Barack Obama. May God (and we) help him now. reavis