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" The Holy Land is everywhere "

Black Elk

Where a Kinder World Still Waits for Us

March 18th, 2008

“I challenge you here today, and I recommit to challenging myself, to become a modern bard, to tell the stories of today and record for history what happened at this crucial juncture in time, and to push past our comfort zones into new uncharted territory, because, selfishly, that is where the greatest songs lie waiting, and most importantly where a kinder world still waits for us.”

Eliza Gilkyson

Twenty years ago a singer songwriter named Eliza Gilkyson from the United States contacted me. She was interested in Druidry, and had joined the Order. We started a correspondence and she sent me some of her music. The whole family loved it and we used to play the CDs in the car on long journeys. Later Eliza kindly donated a track to ‘The Timeless Quest’ which was a set of audio-recordings of meditation and self-development that I had created. Later still another track of hers appeared on the Order’s ‘Bardass 1′ album of members’ music. We only got to meet a few years ago when she came to play in nearby Brighton, and we had a great evening. Eliza is a wonderful entertainer – her between-songs banter was fabulous and it felt like we were meeting an old friend… Sometimes we don’t get to hook up with soul companions for years, and Eliza is certainly one of them. Recently she gave the keynote speech at the Folk Alliance Convention in the States and I thought many readers, particularly musicians, would like to read it. The quote is from this speech and if you click on her name you’ll get to her website. Read more