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Black Elk

Alfred Watkins & The Straight Track Club

January 28th, 2008

In researching ley lines for The Book of English Magic I’ve been looking again at Alfred Watkins’ The Old Straight Track. I have inherited my grandfather’s copy which has old photographs stuck into it. He was a friend of Watkins and a founding member of The Straight Track Club. Here are the photos. The photograph of Watkins walking towards the camera has a strong dream-like quality to it – and doesn’t he look like Sigmund Freud from a distance? If you click on the image you can enlarge it and magnify areas.

Straight Track Club Outing 1

Click on this Straight Club Track 2 to see the next image.

The Club used to circulate members’ reports by post on leys that they had discovered, or book reviews or essays they had written. I have some of these from my grandfather’s papers and have posted up a scan of one of these postal portfolios, as they were called. Click here to view: Sample Straight Club Track Portfolio