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" If the world is a tree,

we are the blossoms "



2 - 3 Jun

Talks for the Order Summer Gathering

4 Jul

Why seek out the ways of the Druids? It’s as if – even in the confusion of 21st century living – you can glimpse footpaths in the forest that seem magical, the sight of a deer standing in a shaft of moonlight, the call of an owl that tells you the Old Ways are still alive, that the wisdom of the Druids can still be accessed even today, and that to follow these clues does not require you to abandon your reason or return to some primitive way of being in the world.
Druids today combine a knowledge of the old myths and stories of these lands, with an understanding of the power of certain animals and plants, trees and stones. We work with shamanic journeying, the power of word and music, of oracles and ritual to create new pathways for our soul, to expand our horizons and reawaken ourselves to the beauty of the Earth. If you’d like to experience the work of the Druids, we invite you to a day of exploration. We will explore the power of the land to heal us and help us towards wholeness, we’ll hear some of the old stories, work with the Druid Plant and Animal Oracles, and journey in inner vision to the realm where imagination meets something other than our own mindscape – something deeper and more primal. SINGER, SHAMAN SAGE – A day workshop at 42 Acres in Shoreditch, London. Details to follow…

2 - 9 Aug

Joining Jack Gescheidt and Cara Gardner on their mystical tour through the English countryside: ‘Our group will dive deep into living history by spending time with sacred, historic and beloved trees hundreds of years old. And a famous yew forest with trees literally thousands of years old. In between, we’ll visit Neolithic monoliths from the dawn of European civilization.’ More details here.

4 - 7 Oct

The Mystic Garden and the Sanctuary of the Heart – An Autumn Retreat with Philip Carr-Gomm at the Fintry Retreat House, home to the Fintry Trust, set in beautiful countryside in the Surrey Hills with woodland walks and extensive views across the landscape. The atmosphere of the house and grounds is perfectly suited to this contemplative retreat, with time for poetry and conversation about the spiritual life, and time for individual reflection, interspersed with healing and restorative meditations and exercises drawn from psychology and the wisdom traditions. Details.